Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Mirror Project - Brian Yap - Holiday Reflections

I'd quite forgotten about this page. There was a bit of buzz in the on-line media...and then the site dropped off the radar.

This photo was never intended to be a photo of me. I was taking a photo of Lacaster Castle, and it happened to have a reflective door. I have cropped out most of the castle and zoomed in on the door. I will have to keep an eye out for other mirror images and add them when I get a chance.

The site seems to be alive and well, though I did not see any images of reflections in the back of one's iPod... But no, on a closer look, I see a picture taken in the reflective back of an iPod. Arrgh... I cannae wait for a movie where some man, using a razor, in a desert, with lots of shaving cream foam, is shaving in the reflection on the back of his iPod. Of course it is a bright sunny day. There is probably a horse near by and the man is most likely wearing an army uniform, dirty from weeks of exposure to the elements, without being washed.

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